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Thread: children on meds for depression?

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    Screwy children on meds for depression?

    I know this is goin
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    So sorry to hear your child is going through this. My two stepkids have ADHD and one is bi-polar. The psychiatrist we see told us that anti-depressants don't really work well on children. I've heard that fish oil tablets and vitamin B 6/12? have a positive effect on depression in children. You're doing the right ting with counseling--good luck!
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    Good luck..and keep trying to find him help..It takes awile sometimes....Don't feel bad about the meds thing....sometimes that's what it takes..Just watch him after he takes them. sometimes they are not so good..and you'll have to find a different one....Good luck!!
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    Your first instinct was the right one, I agree. Medicating a child--or anyone--for a circumstance that is justifiably depressing isn't the answer. His response to feel sad and depressed is understandable. He's expressing himself. The drugs will more or less zone him out so he would be devoid of that expression. ***warning***ladies, don't bother flaming me for other atypical situations about how meds saved someone****

    From what you're saying, your son is having a hard time. You didn't mention how long your hubby has been gone? I'm on my third deployment and sometimes it's easier than other times. What seems to work for me are these things: Consistency for kids. Keep a schedule and stick to it. If he's not involved in outside activities, sign him up for some. Start a hobby where he can collect things. Little boys love to collect things--from Pokeyman cards to bugs, books, etc. Have a library day and check out books. Find some new interest to involve him in. My son loves to bake, so we bought a super cookbook and when he's blue we go to the recipe book. Part of the fun for him is measuring and mixing, he doesn't always eat his cookies. (Yes, I'm very careful to not reward or comfort him with food.)

    So, back to your op, stay with your gut, don't medicate your son. There are so many long term side effects--not to mention that many parents often turn to more drugs to counter the side effects of the original drug!

    Hope this helps. I'm going through some rough times with my 1st grader and he's starting to have more good days than bad ones, so I know your pain you feel for your child.

    Hugs. Write me anytime.

    Some other poster reminded me and what she wrote keeps me in check. It was that our kids take their ques on behavior from us. Even when we don't think we're being watched, they are absorbing our moods and behavior. So, how much of this do you think your son is getting from you? I know that it was hard for me to come to terms with, but I realized I was contributing to some of my son's misery wtihout looking at it. Now I do and if I need to cry or get pissed off, I do it when he is not around.
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    Get a referral to Mental Health...there are a lot of great Psychologists that Tricare pays for. My oldest sees one and she's doing a lot better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandyb View Post
    I know this is going to sound crazy but I really think my child is depressed due tio dad being on deployment, I have him in therapy as you know, and we had a apt. this morning, well we went and I told the DR. that my son cries at the drop of a hat, how when we were at the mall last night with michelle, he stpoed in the middle of the mall and was crying, when I asked him what was wrong he said " It's been a really hard day for me" I asked him why and he said " I really miss daddy, he is my best freind" and I got in trouble at school today and today just sucked. I gave him a big hug and after that he was actually well behaved for me, I was shocked, but here is my problem, the Dr. keeps telling me that besides school, he thinks he is doign better, of course my DS is not going to act out in front of the DR, he has no clue how it is at home because my son acts to him like everything is ok. Ireally think he needs some meds, I have always been one of those mothers who does not beleive in giving a child meds for bad behavior and I am not asking him to diagnose him with ADHD or anything like that but I can clearly see that he is depressed and has anixety, I was told that he was when he was 5 and that dr wanted to put him on prozac and buspar and I refused it. I really think he needs something now and this DR does not. should I just go to the peds DR and ask him for some? I do not know what to do with it, I just know that I hate seeing my child so upset all the time.
    I hear that OMEGA 3-6-9 has been shown to help improve mood in old is your child? It is not an overnight fix but it seems to help...look it up online!!!

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