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Thread: I am changing my name

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    I am changing my name

    I am not MOM anymore today, I have enough issues of my own today to deal with, my emotions are running over, I have cried all day and now all I hear is MOM, mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,
    mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,mom,but mom.... every freaking 2 seconds...... I am over it, I am ignoring these kids today, if you cant figure out the damn toy then find something else to play with, I have come in there 50 miliion times in the last 5 minutes and your whining is bugging the shit out of me.... I love you both but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze....
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    awwwww I don't have kids but I teach 13 three year olds. All day long I hear my name so one day I said, "If you want to speak to me, call me Bob." So now they always call me Bob. It's too funny and too cute!
    Hope your day gets better!
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    aww are having a rough day aren't you?? If I was you...I would get a babysitter and take a night out to myself..or even a day! You owe it to your sanity and your health :-)

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