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Thread: Help Bring our Troops a little FUN!!!

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    Jump for Joy Help Bring our Troops a little FUN!!!

    Hey Guys! Just wanted to tell you that my wife (SSG who is currently stationed in Iraq for her second tour) and I created a Support the Troops nonprofit that is bringing our troops a little FUN while they are over there - it's called "Pros vs. GI Joes"!! It might be simple but ask your Hubby or even wife if they want to be one of the first to get what we are bringing and they wil no DOUBT say a big ol' YES!! We are giving our troops a chance of a lifetime opportunity to go head-to-head against their favorite professional athlete in a video game via Xbox LIVE (if you don't know what that is just ask em' - they'll know)! It's going absolutley incredible and my wife and I are very proud of what we are doing and what we have accomplished so far. We partnered up with the USO and will be having our matches at their facilities (in Balad, Iraq we have our own room)! It's really going to be great and hopefully will give aour troops something to look forward to (besides coming home to you guys that is)!!!!

    Please check it out and tell me what you think...

    If you have any questions just shoot me over and e-mail on here of at

    And if you can think of anyway we can make it better let me know! I'm thinking about having a "KIDS" section where they can write in a letter (and send a pic if they want) about why they want their daddy to get a chance to play and I'll put em' up on our site!!

    And if you want to check it out, My wifes blog is
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    I looked at it and that is AMAZING. Good job!
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    That's an amazing idea! My soldier is deploying in a few months and he said it sounded awesome as well. Good luck!
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    Cool! I let all my AD friends know about it so they can look into it wherever they may be.
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    What a great idea!

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