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Thread: Thank Heaven for Little Boys...

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    Thank Heaven for Little Boys...

    today is my son's 4th birthday (new years eve)! i cant believe how fast the time has flew by! it feels like just a couple months ago i was pushing him out while watching the Philly Fireworks out of my hospital room window

    i have about 11 months to go with DB's deployment. i was thinking today that its not gonna be so bad. i just cant WAIT for that feeling of when he comes home and i look back on this first month and think in hindsight "it wasnt too bad". know what i mean?

    my son really hasnt said anything too crazy or reacted too crazy to DB being gone... but its only been about 3 weeks so far. he was a little teary at first and asked a lot of questions... but hasnt said anything for over a week. this morning i was reading an email from DB and got a little teary (just b/c i miss him so much)... and my little guy kinda looked at me wierd. we went to my mom's later today for a birthday dinner and my son says to his Nana... "Dan went to the war. Mommy is sad." it took me by surprise. then he came over to me and gave me a kiss and said "if you miss Dan... just pretend that when i kiss you... that its really Dan kissing you". i think my jaw dropped... and my heart jumped in my throat. what a sweetheart! it made me so proud to have raised such a loving and smart little boy. it was exactly what i needed at exactly the right time. kids are AMAZING!!! i am such a LUCKY mommy!
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    Awwww, your little boy is sooooo sweet!!

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