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Thread: Space Bags

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    Thumb Down Space Bags

    Not worth the money, in my opinion.

    I bought the $20 box that includes: 1 travel size, 2 medium, 2 large and 1 jumbo. The box with only 2 medium or 2 large was $10, so I figured this was the better deal.

    Well, I wanted to store Jace's 3-6 month clothing that he can't wear anymore, and my closet is already overrun with plastic bins. So, I thought the space bags might help reduce the bulky items in the closet. Wrong.

    I used 2 medium bags total to store a minimal amount of clothes (the medium bag says it can accommodate 10-12 sweaters.. yeah right!). I followed the instructions on the box exactly, and was not pleased with the results. It looks nothing like what you see on TV or on the box itself. Basically, all it did was remove the air from the bag and it looks vacuum sealed, not all flat and fancy like they look like on the commercials. In order to achieve the result that you see on their advertisement, you have to put very few items in the bag, have them spaced out (nothing stacked) and have them folded flat and neat.

    I am definitely not impressed and do not think that they saved any space at all, and they sure as hell aren't worth the money I spent on them.
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    oh no!! i really like em!! as long as i can keep them away from my cat who has claws and is very curious....
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    I bought space bags for out last move. Such pieces of shit! ALL of them broke while I was following the instructions. I hate them
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    I like them and have had really good luck with them. They've saved lots of space in our storage closet, even if they don't go completely flat.

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    I agree with you! i was extremely disappointed with them and prefer to stuff plastic bins full of stuff instead of attempt to fight with them. lol, i have hilarious pictures that our wedding photographer took when I was attempting to pack up my room at my parents' house right before the wedding. I was literally fighting with the space bag and vacuum and LOSING!
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    I hate them too, I tried to use them to pack for our last big trip, and they all broke on me.
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    I didn't like them until I found the ones that are on the hanger... you can put your hanging items in it and then evacuate the air. I love them for out of season dresses and jackets.
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    I have them and love them! I use it for trips Mine are the ones you roll the air out.
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    i like the ones you use with a vacuum but the rolling ones don't really get the air out, in my opinion. and after a while, they don't seal really well.
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