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Thread: Renters Insurance

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    Renters Insurance

    I'm looking for new renters insurance. The current one is expiring soon and we do not want to renew the policy. We have Progressive and they restrict pit bulls...we have a pit bull. I know there are insurance companies that don't have breed restrictions. State farm is one of them, and I've looked into them. I just want to look into others as well. I've tried google searching but it's coming up with individual companies for pet insurance. We just want regular renters insurance that won't tell us that we can't have our dog.

    Anyone know of companies that I could look into? Please and thank you!
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    We have USAA. I don't recall questions about dogs, but that could just be because we don't have one. Worth looking in to!
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    I have USAA as well and they've never once asked me about dogs (I have 3).

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    The only question USAA asks about pets for renters insurance is if you have any that have ever bitten or attacked anyone. No breed restrictions.
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    We also have USAA! We've never made a claim, but if their rental policies are as good as their auto I'm sure we'll be happy.
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    Back when I rented I had State Farm. Great price and luckily never had to use them. I bundled with my auto and saved some money.
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    We have USAA and although I don't remember their exact dog policy, I remember talking to the lady from USAA about her pit bull and how we have a rott mix but the vet at the base classified him as a lab mix (not a lie necessarily) so we could take him anywhere.
    We had progressive for car insurance, dh was stopped at a stop sign (I was in the car behind him) and a drunk driver plowed into our car (with our kids in back). The guy had a dent in the side of his truck that was too high to have even been from our car, he ended up knowing the car behind the one I was in, and used them as a witness (but they wouldn't talk to me because I'm his wife?!?!) And progressive ended up PAYING a drunk driver over 3,500 to fix his truck which wasn't from our car.
    So, fuck progressive. They wouldn't even *look* at our car, which made it obvious that it didn't happen the way the drunk said it did. But this happened in Gatlinburg, and we were the ones with northern plates.

    We have been very happy with USAA, I haven't heard a bad thing about them
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    We have our renters insurance through Allstate. We have also used State Farm and we have not had any problems and neither companies have asked what type of pets we have.
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    In the past I've done Geico, State Farm, as well as the insurance offered by the complex (in DC, I didn't have a choice). None have given a flying rat's ass about my cats, just how expensive my possessions are
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