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    9 37.50%
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    7 29.17%
  • Carpet

    12 50.00%
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Thread: Floor Type

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    Floor Type

    What kind of floor do you have in your home?

    DH wants to replace the carpet and I have been tasked with picking a floor type and color. I've read all the reviews online but still can't decide. I might put the choices in a hat and pick!
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    We recently tore the carpet out of our main living area, pulled out old ceramic tile out of our entryway, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, and main bathroom and replaced with porcelain tile. Tile is so much easier to care for and the stuff we demo'd was early 2000's nasty white with HUGE ugly grout lines.
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    Personally I like hardwood. It's easy to clean, hides dirt pretty well (in certain finishes), and looks cozy. I really hate the look of tile anywhere but bathrooms. Engineered hardwood is cheaper but can't be refinished if it gets worn over the years whereas solid hardwood is more expensive but can be sanded and restained a few times. The laminate we had in our old apartment was decent but I thought it looked cheap.
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    Our house has mostly tile but carpet in the bedrooms. Carpet is disgusting, I hate it. I kind like the wood look tile but I'm also kind of over it? But I do like the kind of dark greyish rectangular tile I've been seeing recently.

    I have big dogs so wood is a no for me, it would get scratched up too fast. But if that's not your life it always looks nice!
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    Hardwood through most of the house, carpet in the bedrooms. Tile in the bathroom.

    My parents have slate in their living room. Beautiful stone tiling.
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    Hardwood everywhere except the bedroom, where there's carpet. Dark hard wood everywhere would be a top preference if I had a choice
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    Marmoleum in the laundry room and bathrooms, hardwood everywhere else upstairs and cork downstairs in the walkout basement. Tile is nice, but too hard for me.
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    I liked the wood floors in our last house, this rental has linoleum where it's not carpet, and It's cheap and stupid. They ripped it when they moved the fridge.
    The old house had those fake wood panel slats in the kitchen, they swelled up where the dog water bowl was and left a huge lump in the floor.
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    We have large travertine tiles everywhere except carpet in the bedrooms. I like it fine, it's definitely pretty. Dirt and dog hair show easily because they're light. I don't think they're easier than anything else, but I think as long as you vacuum and mop regularly, they stay cleaner than carpet. Personally I like the look of hardwood floors because I grew up with them.
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    We have carpet but I would get rid of it if I could.

    I like our ceramic tile in the kitchen. Hardwood is so beautiful but especially with dogs I wouldn't want it now ... wood laminate is what I would prefer just because it's easier to maintain.
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