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Thread: extra cash

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    Quote Originally Posted by EverlastingLove View Post
    What about a part time job? You'd essentially spend as much time there as you would doing things for extra cash... You could apply to be a dog washer, etc. at a pet store. Just state you want no more than 15 hours a week. Never know.
    Also, retail can be fun when you're doing it for spare cash versus trying to live on it. Great way to meet friends. I would've been lonely af in Louisiana without my little part time job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaylarsmith_ View Post
    So glad to see everyone saying pet sitting/ dog walking! I love animals ❤️ I honestly didn't think that there would really be a high demand for that. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get into doing something like that?
    Check out they have pet sitting/walking, child care and also caring for the elderly.
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    If you're creative and have some spare time you could start a shop on Etsy. Between work and school I haven't had enough free time to start my own, but I absolutely love shopping there.
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