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Thread: Neutrogena Advanced Solutions

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    Neutrogena Advanced Solutions

    I absolutely love this at home microdermabrasion system. My face is so smooth feeling. It works wonderfully! Definitely worth the money!

    From their website:

    Neutrogena® Advanced Solutions™ At Home MicroDermabrasion System puts a professional-level microdermabrasion experience in the palm of your hand—clinically proven to boost skin clarity, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and restore more radiant, younger-looking skin.
    The patented system contains three components that work in combination to visibly rejuvenate skin's appearance.

    Advanced Solutions™ Micro-Oxide Crystallized Cream contains the same Aluminum-Oxide crystals used by dermatologists to promote surface cell renewal, revealing fresher, smoother skin.

    The Advanced Solutions™ Soft Foam Sponge Head distributes the Micro-Oxide Crystallized Cream to gently and evenly retexturize skin for the perfect degree of skin resurfacing.

    The Advanced Solutions™ System Applicator has two speeds, allowing you to control the intensity of your treatment for maximum results without discomfort.

    Experience a safe, convenient and customized way to revitalize your complexion at home.
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    cool! Thanks for sharing the info!
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    I was going to post a question about how this stuff works last week. Thanks for the info!!
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    I might have to try this. I have been using Dermanew but that crap is expensive. Thanks for the info.
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    Glad to see that it what problems were you having? Just wondering if it was mainly for a wrinkle reducer..couldn't really tell just by the description. Cause I'm still trying to decide what I actually want to spend my money on. But my back is getting pretty bad again.
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    I just bought it over the weekend. I was hoping someone else tried it! The Clinique is getting old LOL
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    You have to be careful purchasing things like that from wal mart! Compare ingredients to a dept store brand or my MK Microderm. If it's the same thing and less expensive then that's a great buy! They could be harmful in the long run!
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