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Thread: Cleaning a leather sofa

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    Cleaning a leather sofa

    While we are stationed here, we are have a leather sofa on loan from a friend. It's comfortable and the leather is broken in & soft. smells like some kind of perfume/cologne (which is a smell we're not liking) Is there some way to clean or to lessen that smell?

    Also, right after we got the sofa, I got bitten by some kind of bug. This sofa came from a cat owner. Is it possible that the cat had fleas (or something) and now they are living in the sofa?

    Thanks for any tips!
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    I use Weiman Leather cleaner. As for the bug bite, I'm not sure...

    I hope you get some better answers.
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    I second Weiman Leather Cleaner!

    Also, I'm not sure about the bugs.. But, I would unzip the cushions and sprinkly Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, I would also sprinkle it all around the couch (underneath), and maybe in your home.. If they did have fleas then they can spread fast and get into your carpet. Yuck!

    DE is perfectly fine for all mammals to eat, and some people even make it a part of their daily diet.

    It basically makes any bug with an exoskeleton shrivel up into bug jerky. We use it in our yard, carpet.. everywhere. (Bugs are really bad here. Before I started using it, I was killing spiders that were the size of the big one in Harry Potter). Haven't seen any kind of bug inside since using it.

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