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Thread: Air BnB?

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    Air BnB?

    Has anyone out there posted a room on Air BnB? DB & I have a spare bedroom and are considering renting it out during football games (we live only a few miles from a large football stadium). We did Air BnB once as a guest and it was kind of awkward but overall a fine experience.

    Tell me your horror stories!

    ETA: We work nearly opposite shifts so one of us is almost always home, if that matters!
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    I haven't ever posted a room on Air BnB but I have used it and my experience was far from a horror story!

    When I went to Ireland my friends and I stayed in an Air BnB room and it made our trip so much more awesome! The couple we stayed with offered to show us around and made us breakfast every morning. They were so kind and it truly was a great experience for us! I 100% believe it will be a great experience (and extra income!) if you go about it right! Friendliness is key! Now don't get me wrong you might get some weirdos but I think overall if they are coming for football your biggest problem is if they get too drunk.

    but i could totally be wrong

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