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    How often do you replace your mattress? What is your sign that it needs to be done.
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    Mattresses are supposed to be good for 10 years or so. I know the non-pillow top ones you are supposed to rotate and flip every few months.
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    There is a commercial on here that says you are supposed to replace every 8 years. For DH and I, it's been when it is sagging so much in the middle we can't help laying on top of each other
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    Hmm, we replaced our first mattress (gift from his parents) at 3 years because DH says if he's going to spend 1/3 of his life on the bed, it had better be a good one. We've had our current mattress for 6 years. Pillow top but we also bought a cool memory foam mattress topper that's SUPER amazing!

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