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Thread: wood wick candles

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    wood wick candles

    Is anyone else in love with these?? My mom bought me some for our anniversary and they're AWESOME. The wick makes a little crackling sound and it reminds me of our fireplace. DH thinks the sound is annoying but I love it.

    I have heard that there are some you can buy that have a fireplace-like smell, where it actually smells like wood burning, so I have to look into those. The one I have is a regular scented candle and I don't think the wick adds anything to it (but the smell is strong so it might just be overpowering the wood).
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    I was planning on decorating with them for christmas (to get the fireplace effect)

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    Our absolute favorite candles and wax melts are fall scents, mostly things like 'crackling fireplace' or 'burning wood' kind of stuff. It's not a wood wick, but Walmart has a Better Homes and Gardens candle that's fireplace scented that is amazing.
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    Yes I love the crackling!!! It's on my list of things we will have when get out of debt
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    I love Woodwick candles!

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