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Thread: Ugly Wires

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    Ugly Wires

    I hate electrical wires! Trouble is, we have one internet/phone port and it's right next to the TV. We have about 8 different things (tv/satellite/modem/wireless router/xbox360/xboxone/phone/surround sound) all plugged into 2 plugs and it just looks messy and horrible We have a tv stand with a solid back, but the space is so cramped that the wires stick out and look ugly (we have to use a transformer for the XboxOne as well!) Any suggestions on ways to tidy up an area full of wires? Random question I know!

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    Pinterest will probably have some ideas. I know there is some kind of tape or plastic cover you can get for them to stick them to the wall and you can buy it in a few different colors or paint it to match your wall.
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    DH is really good at this! Shorten any cords you possibly can so there's not a bunch of extra cord taking up space. They also sell stuff at Home Depot you can use to attach all the cords together into one big one and it helps keep them looking under control.
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    I really keep reading this thread title as ugly wives
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Emma* View Post
    I really keep reading this thread title as ugly wives
    That would be a way more interesting thread

    This reminds me of those creepy directv commercials with the marionettes

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