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Thread: New House

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    New House

    I posted a couple weeks ago I believe it was about us putting in an application for a house. Yeah.....didn't get it. Short story is while we were being approved by the finance department someone else was approved ahead of us. So DH and I continued to look and we found another house-not with that company. The rent is even more and there isn't a fence. But the house is amazing, schools are amazing, the property manager (she manages other properties as well) is also the owner (not only the original owner but she and her late DH had the house built on land they had previously bought), she lives just 1 1/2 miles down the road, and is a retired teacher. She has been amazing. Not only telling us about the house but the entire area since they moved there for a few decades ago. It has over 8 acres, there are walking/biking trails, and we can walk to the beach/water. There are views of the water and Seattle from the house/property. Oh and did I mention there is a hot tub!?! There is sooooo much with this house/property that we are just completely over the moon happy. And uh I have to admit, I'm now happy we lost the other house. It was a great place in a great location. But this house is just.....ahhhhhmazzzzzing!!! We move in the beginning of April.
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    Glad you found a great home

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