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Thread: bedroom organization

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    bedroom organization

    due to the cleaning thread,

    What are some ways y'all keep your bedroom organized?

    I feel like I am horrible at keeping it organized and put stuff everywhere…

    so share your organization!!
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    This is one of my favorite things about our built-in closet!

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    We've got a pretty big closet (we have a dresser in there) so no apparel has to be in our room.

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    Having a huge walk in closet with plenty of room helps. When it comes to clothes and shoes. If I can't hang it up on one of my 40 hangers, or put it in my dressers with the drawers shut. I know it's time to thin out what I own so it doesn't end up just sitting on the floor or in the corner of my closet collecting cobwebs.

    I have two dressers in my room

    I have a couple of these stacked on top of each other in my closet for shoes.

    TJUSIG Shoe rack - black - IKEA

    For small little things that I want to display/have no where to really put. I have two of these.


    Nightstands with drawers are a good idea too(I don't have night stands.

    MALM Chest with 2 drawers - medium brown, 15 3/4x21 5/8 " - IKEA

    I'd take a picture of my room and show you, but right now my room looks like a tornado hit in there. I am reorganizing everything and making room for baby stuff to be put into our room. Still need to move my bed, buy a third dresser for bean's stuff, and move some other stuff around. So not showing anyone what my room looks like right now.
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    We just don't put anything in there. Bed, dresser/vanity, chest, nightstand, baby's crib, rocking chair. That's it. We don't do anything but sex and sleep in our room, and I am pretty meticulous about the organization of clean laundry just because I like everyone to be able to find their crap without having to ask me for help.
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    Dollar Tree has become my best friend when it comes to organization. You know those plastic trays you use for your silver in the kitchen? They are awesome to use in dresser drawers, bathroom drawers as well. Using a few of those has helped eliminate clutter and have places for us to store those random things. After that I will say I have learned a whole new way to put clothes in my dresser that helps friends say I am insane for how organized I am.

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    I can't help. I only have one room (I live with my parents) and it is 10x10 so it's really crowded. I can't say that it would be much different though. I like to go on cleaning sprees so I tend to let things go. Then I'll get a bug up my butt and go crazy. It just feels more satisfying? I don't know . I can locate pretty much anything in the mess though .
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    What, exactly, are you trying to organize?

    Clothes go in the closet/dresser, shoes in the closet, dirty clothes in the hamper.

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