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Thread: Couch slip covers

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    Couch slip covers

    Has anyone ever bought slip covers for their couch? Our couches suck...but I don't want to drop $1K+ on new couches until that anout of money isn't a big deal and we can afford really nice ones.

    Do they look/feel okay? I don't want it to look like there's a blanket draped over them. I just want it to look like they're a different color
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    I did for some free couches. I got them at bed bath and beyond. Measure your couches, one fit fine and looked really good, the other was too long or too short, can't remember, and it looked a little weird, but way less weird than the ugly ripped up couch. Crumbs get caught in them super easily too, but I guess they do in a couch too! I think they're a good cheap way to class it up a bit.
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    My suggestion would be to make sure to buy them from a place with a good return policy that will let you buy a variety of different types, and return the ones you didn't like the look of.

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    Yep, got micro suede ones from Amazon and they were awesome.

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    Yes. I think the site is called surefit. You can also get them on
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    We bought some from Target and loved them.
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    We've used them in the past, they always look nice as long as you get one that fits your couch right! I remember having to try a couple before finding one that we really liked, but it turned out great!

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