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Thread: Help me shop!

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    Jump for Joy Help me shop!

    We're moving in a month ( ) and that means picking out new flowers to plant.

    I want to put tulips/other bulb plants along the walkway to our front door, but there are so many super cool varieties I can't decide

    Here's where I'm looking, let me know which are your favorites.

    PS... In the back yard I'm putting a couple butterfly bushes, I think... But also need some sort of ground cover/filler... I'm open to suggestions

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    I like the Alliums, Hyacinths, Lilies and Tulips! I wish I could keep plants alive. No matter how hard I try and follow the directions, they always croak. Apparently I didn't get my father's green thumb.
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    amaryllis,anemone ,crocus, and narcissus

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