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Thread: My kitchen renovation (PIC heavy)

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    My kitchen renovation (PIC heavy) - UPDATED in OP!

    Hey all - just thought I would do an update on my kitchen renovation. I posted a couple months ago about looking for granite and things are finally moving along! Trying to live in a construction zone with a toddler is...a nightmare, to be completely honest. I can't wait until this is all done!

    Here is the kitchen before we moved in, during demolition and where it stands now. We are having the tile floor done next week and granite should be installed on the 18th.

    Excuse the mess!

    Demolition. Took us over a week to tear out because my hubby was working M-F days, so we (he) mostly worked at night. We also procrastinated on removing the sink base cabinets for as long as possible so that I could have a working sink.

    Once the cabinets were out, we had to remove ˝” particleboard subfloor which was underneath the linoleum stick down tiles. It sounded so much easier than it was! It took about 10 man hours with two guys using wunder bars and sledgehammers to get that stuff up. Very noisy and messy.

    We painted the ceiling white to make it a bit brighter and get rid of the weird semi gloss paint that was on the ceiling. Everything was the same color and due to the finish, it had a lot of glare. Since living here we’ve had 3 different groups of people ask us if we had smokers in our house, due to the original paint color…it was a dingy cream color that didn’t look intentional – so we opted for something with more color, knowing that a majority of our kitchen stuff was going to be white.

    Progress end of day 1: The piece that goes on the back of the peninsula was damaged and needs to be re-ordered, so we are waiting on that piece to arrive. We also added a few extra pieces of crown molding since we want to wrap around the dining area and we were 2 pieces short to do that.

    Day 2:

    Test fitting crown

    Not caulked yet

    These are custom cabinets made to fit the angled wall. The upper cabinet on the right functions, but the lower drawer is a dummy drawer – the lower cabinet functions. It was the only way we could make use of the space without impeding our walkway or reducing our peninsula size.

    New appliances are waiting in our “formal” living room until our tile is done next week.

    UPDATE JULY 21 2013:
    Okay. Kitchen is like 95% done now. Still waiting for the rest of the crown to be installed as well as the back piece to the peninsula to be installed (we have it now - had to reorder it due to damage).

    We need window treatments and I'm looking for a different rug to put under the dining table. You know, girly stuff :laugh: I love the outcome, but I can say I REALLY hope I don't have to live through a kitchen renovation anytime soon again.

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    Looks great! I cannot even begin to imagine a complete remodel while pregnant and having a toddler. Moving onto base was bad enough for me.
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    Um's intense. My poor hubby has to deal with a crazy pregnant lady who can't make up her mind for anything I can't complain because I'm getting my dream kitchen, but I wasn't expecting it to be so time intensive. It looks SO much easier on tv!
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    That is going to look fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished product!
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    Wow it's really coming along great. I love your little cubbies.

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    Wow! Looks good so far.. Love that chandelier

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    I love the chandelier, too!

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    Looks great so far! Hope the rest gets done quickly and easily!
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    That is awesome! Great work so far. Can't wait to see the final outcome.

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    Looks amazing!!!
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