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Thread: Guest room decorating help

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    Guest room decorating help

    So, our guest room is tiny. We have a 4 bedroom house, and have decided to put the guest room downstairs, because our guests would have their own bathroom. However, the room is rather small.

    There are a few options. We thought about getting a daybed/trundle, because most of the times we will have our single friends over and staying with us. However, I've seen kits and ways to pull out the trundle, pop it up, temporarily put both twin mattresses together and make it into a king for the cases when we have a couple staying with us. The other option is to just get a double bed.

    Obviously, there are pros and cons to each, but if it were you, which would you choose?
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    I would pick the double bed unless it would take over the whole room. Day beds just make me think of a child's room
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    I had one for a long time. It is nice because it doesn't take up the entire room, but if you need to fit 2 people it works. Now, unless the construction has advanced, they still drift apart in the middle of the night. But not a huge deal. But it is nice because if two people need to have a place to stay but aren't a couple, it makes it nice because you can just move the beds away from each other and there is no awkward cuddling in the middle of the night or anything.

    We plan on having one in our guest bedroom.

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