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Thread: Do you have a guest room?

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    Do you have a guest room?

    Just curious, do you have a guest room or at least a real guest BED (not an air mattress) somewhere in your home? At what point do you ditch that idea and just utilize all of your home's space for yourself - bedrooms, office, craft room, etc ?

    DH and I are getting ready for our first PCS. We currently have a guest bedroom/office that has a queen sized bed in it. We aren't sure how big the house that we are going to get is going to be when we move and we plan on expanding our family again next year. So, basically, if we have a 3 bedroom home, that would give us a bedroom for us, our daughter and then room for another baby...not even taking into account that we have a desk and craft stuff that will need to go somewhere AND I have a 6 year old step son who, if he ever stays with us, needs a bed.

    Anyway, I'm debating on selling the queen sized bed (not now, later on) for either a futon, air mattress, sleeper love seat, etc. I just feel like the queen bed is soooo big, ya know? We have had 4 guests stay with us in the last 2 years - and it's always been just an individual person, not a couple so I think we could get away with a twin bed or something small. I don't even know if we know any couples who would ever stay with us anyway At the same time, queen beds are pricey, so I don't want to just sell off the bed if we will want it later.

    I'm probably not going to sell anything or do anything now either way...just curious to know if you keep a guest room -why or why not, if you think it's worthwhile, or if you like to utilize all of your space for your own needs...
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    We have a guest bed and bathroom. We decided it was very important to have them since we live so far from family. The room has been used alot so far
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    we do.. and it has a king size bed in it. We have a 4 bedroom home, so one bed for each child, and one for us. Originally our kids shared a room, and that gave us one guest room and one spare room. But, we have since moved them into their own rooms.

    In previous homes, if we had an extra room, it was always used as a guest room. We had visitors often enough to warrant it be used as such. If we didn't have the spare room, we didn't utilize it as a guest room. Once we used our extra room as a guest room and an office.

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    Nope. We would have to have a huge house to have a guest room. Both dd and ds will have their own rooms. And I need a bed room lol.

    We have a twin sized bed some one can sleep on. That is it
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    We have a guest room and most likely wont get rid of it for a while because we have so many other rooms to fill. Its got a dresser, night table, chair, and queen bed.

    If and when we need the space we would get rid of the furniture and bed and move my storage and craft stuff into the room and get a sleeper sofa.
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    We have a guest room and storage room cause we were lucky enough to get a 4 bedroom- but no permant guest bed. When out current guest leaves i'm thinking of trying to combine guest room and storage room for a play room. I would keep the queen in storage or something..just in case..but thats just me
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    We currently have one but that is only because we have a 3 bedroom town home. It sat as an empty bedroom for over a year. My parents surprised us with a full sized bed because they got tired of sleeping on an air mattress. Our next place may or may not have room for a guest room. Its not something that the houses we live in have to have. Its just a bonus if it does.
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    We have a computer room/guest room/soon to be baby sleeping room it's only got a futon though for guests to sleep on.
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    I have a craft room that has a twin bed in it for if somebody stays the night. My parents aren't ones to stay with us at our house they'd rather get a hotel. Mostly if my mom visits she sleeps in there.
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    my third bedroom is a guestroom.

    hopefully someday soon there will be a baby in it lol

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