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Thread: Tell me about water softener systems

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    Tell me about water softener systems

    For those that have (or have had) one, was it worth it to you? What were the pros and cons of having one? What sort of system did you have?

    We live in an area with miserably hard water (great for some of the fish tanks I have set up, not so much for skin, clothes or appliances that use water). I have thought about getting a system off and on since we moved out here but now DH is suddenly on board because his buddy at work has told him what a great idea it is (apparently holds more weight coming from him than it has from me ). Just looking to get some idea of whether it's all it's cracked up to be and worth the $$$
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    Worth it IMO, because of the damage hard water can do to your pipes.

    We have a Rainsoft system. It came with the house so I'm not sure how much it cost. There is just the cost of the salt and any maintenance after initially buying it. Only one thing has broken on it, since 8+ years ago when my mom bought the house.

    The water definitely feels better with the softener on. I had it off for a pretty long time, and I noticed my faucets are actually kind of clogged up. (I need to dip them in CLR to get rid of it)
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