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Thread: Air Mattress

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    Air Mattress

    So my DB will be coming to MI for a visit in February. I have an air mattress that my mom said I could put in my room. My problem is that its winter, so the air in the mattress will be cold. My mom suggested getting a heated mattress cover...can you put one of those on an air mattress? I tried to google it but I failed.
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    IMO, flannel sheets and a heavy comforter should be enough...
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    we just did this at my mom's house. idk about the heated blanket, but i would suggest putting blankets under the matress itself (or a rug)

    the floor was so cold, we had 3 blankets and still froze
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    I've slept on them before during the winter, I agree with putting a blanket underneath and then nice heavy sheets and a blanket. If your truly worried about it why not do an electric blanket instead? That way it's not actually on the plastic and you have better control of it. (Plus if you just turn it on and let it heat up before bed it'll be warm when he gets in and should stay warm most of the night even if you turn it off.)

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    Actually what you do is put a thick mattress pad or a comforter under the SHEET. So between the fitted sheet and the mattress. Makes all the difference in the world.
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    Try looking at Target or Walmart for the cheap, yellow looking foam mattress pads to put underneath the air mattress. We put one under our air mattress when we camp and it helps hold our heat in the air mattress instead of letting the ground pull the heat from the air in the mattress. It also help keep the air mattress from moving around.

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