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Thread: my First Annual Christmas On line shopping PSA!!!

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    my First Annual Christmas On line shopping PSA!!!

    since it is estimated that we ( shoppers) will do 80% of your shopping online I wanted to share this awesome website;

    it is Coupon codes and discounts for 130,000 online stores!

    this site has thousands of coupon codes you can use to get %'s off and free shipping codes.

    also in case you did not know, that many of the coupons/codes can be "stacked" this is when you use more than one code on the order - like JC Penney you can use a % off code AND a free shipping code at the same time.
    a great way to save our hard earned money!!
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    I second this site!!

    I used it to get Murphy's heartworm pills from 1-800-Pet Meds and it took $10 off the order PLUS gave me free shipping.

    It was only $29.99 for 6 months of his heartworm stuff...AWESOME
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    that site!

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