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Thread: China Storage?

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    China Storage?

    I've recently had an influx of fine china / good dinnerware (I know there's a difference ) in my house

    We bought a thanksgiving dinner set from Pfaltzgraff and we're waiting for it to arrive..

    We have inherited a beautiful fine china set, and we're getting a christmas set.

    I want to get some kind of storage for them but everything I look at online looks flimsy. I'm kind of concerned about picking up and the bottoms falling out.

    How do you store your china?
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    In my grandma's china hutch. I have two sets in it.
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    It could be worse.
    I keep my Pfatzgraff Winterberry in the bottom of my china cabinet when not in use. I move my everyday dishes into the china cabinet when I'm using the Winterberry.

    I have a set of my mother's china, I have Eco-Fabric China Storage pieces from The Container Store that I keep them in and they are on some shelving I have in the storage room in my basement. They are very sturdy, but when picking them up, I still carry them with my hands underneath just to not take any risks, KWIM?

    The Container Store has some great options. Here's a link: China and Dinnerware Storage
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    I left DH's grandma's set with his family. They offered to give it to us and I requested that they hold it in their china hutch until we get back to the states.

    Have you looked into plastic containers? If they make them specifically for christmas ornaments and wrapping paper, they should make some for china storage.

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    If you mean to pack them away when you aren't using them, I would get a rubbermaid container to put them in and wrap them in bubble wrap.
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    I have a small china hutch that mil gave us

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    I have a china cabinet but I only display one place setting of my china, the rest is vintage dishes and crystal.

    I store my China (Noritake/Platinum) service for 10 in these china storage things I bought at bed bath and beyond. They are round, and have zippers, I bought felt separators for them and my Christmas China. There was one for each size plate, dinner, salad, bread.

    They are in the bottom of my china cabinet. I have felt storage for my Reed and Barton silver also, It lays flat with a slot for 12 each of 2 kinds of knives, 2 kinds of forks, 2 kinds of spoons and serving pieces. Then, you fold the top over, it's velcro, and it all rolls up into a bundle to tuck away in my china cabinet drawer.

    When I want to set the table, I just roll each one out on my counter and set my table any way from casual to formal.

    I like my china storage containers, they are easy to handle and tuck right in the cabinet. I can get out all of it or just the salad plates if I want.

    Good luck, hope you find the source best for you.

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