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Thread: Damn antz

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    Mad Damn antz

    I wouldn't say we have a huge ant problem in our apartment, like I don't ever just see a trail of ants, but we definitely have somewhat of an issue. We see them by our front/back doors a lot and I just get them with a clorox wipe (lmao idk) but now we have a puppy and ants keep getting in his food we keep his food up high and that keeps the ants out of it, but if we leave his bowl on the floor for seriously even twenty minutes there are ants all in it and we have to throw it away. So when we have to go out for a little bit we can't leave him any food in his crate because when we come back, he's got ants all in his lil bed and I don't want them biting my baby.

    The apartment complex knows about it and they're not doing anything, so is there anything cheap we can buy like at walmart or something to get rid of them?
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    idk about getting rid of them, but we use baby powder.
    Sprinkle it around where they come from, it keeps them a bay for a bit lol

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