With DH returning from deployment soonish (), I want to make our bed a retreat, somewhere he can relax and be comfortable and feel luxury. It's more than time for grown up bedding! We already have great sheets, I'm looking more for the foundation items. I can't afford a new mattress, so I'm looking at toppers.

So, as a mattress topper, what would you suggest? I'm looking at JCPenney (clicky!) but I'm not sure which is better, a memory foam topper or pillowtop? Which do you prefer and why?

DH is a side sleeper, does anyone have a pillow that they love for that? DH doesn't have a preference between feather or foam.

I'm a back sleeper, so I know I need a firm pillow. And I hate feather pillows because I don't like feathers poking me in the face and I hate waking up with the pillow on both sides of my head but flat under my head.

Any and all suggestions are welcome!