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Thread: Help with Home Repairs?

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    Help with Home Repairs?

    So one of my coworkers after hearing about my family's situation suggested looking for grants or a foundation that could help repair our home?


    Both my parents are disabled and have been for years. Sadly I have not been home much. I am currently moving back and helping them clean out everything and organize it. The problem then falls to this: Frankly, the house is falling down around our ears. It has a bad roof, a moldy basement with water problems, walls breaking down from the bad roof, plumbing issues, and a messed up garage that is literally beginning to break apart. The furnace is going out as well. My Mom's room got stopped midrepair so now is half wall papered and half not when my Dad lost his job and was forced to retire due to being sick. (COPD, Stage 1 emphsema, and beginning to show signs of early onset alzheimers). My Mom is suffering from liver cancer and debilitating arthritis and tumors in her feet. They can't take any more bone out and the next step is removal of the foot. I honestly think the house is aiding in making my family sick all the time. The stress is definitely not helping my Dad. I need to find a way to fix it up enough to sell or fix it up so that is is handicapped acessible?

    My parents have been told until they get the repairs chance of selling it for even enough to break even on their mortgage and they honestly don't have the credit for a loan. We don't have much family besides my older siblings and they are just starting to get on their feet. I can see the hopelessness in my Dad's face. I just want to find some way to help? I don't even know where to begin. Everything is a big money thing and its just..I am not equipped with the knowledge of where to begin looking for resources.

    Any ideas? Where to look for grants? Foundations that help with home repair for low-income or disabled persons? Prayers and good vibes as well.

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    Contact your local Community Action Agency and inquire about Weatherization Assistance (WX) and Owner Occupied Rehabilitation (OOR). The former will likely be a "no" becaue of the roof/mold issues (those are pretty much deal breakers for that program), but the latter might be a possibility. Even if both programs are unable to directly offer assistance, they may be able to refer you to other local programs that would be able to assist. A good CAA can be a resource for all sorts of referrals.

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