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Thread: Corelle??

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    Can someone tell me about corelle? I want to buy some dishes as they are unbelieveably cheap, but i'm worried as i've never felt them before. Do they feel cheap?
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    You can find them at Wally world and target if you wanna feel em.

    Idk if they feel cheap Idk what cheap vs expensive would feel like
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    I like them because they are thin but not too breakable. But I prefer this light dishes and I know other people prefer heavy ones. Also the pattern has held up really well!
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    I know that the older corelle stuff lasts forever. MIL is still using her mother's corelle plates and my mom has plates that my grandmother had forever. They look inexpensive and plain (or just dated). MIL's are plain white and mom's have a 70's or earlier print.

    Honestly I would stay away from anything from wal-mart. They set their prices and make the manufacturer meet them, resulting in big names making substandard wares.

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    My mom used her Corelle's forever and I've had the same set (that I'm using now since my Fiestaware is in NY) from college for years. The really nice thing about them is that they don't break. And they have a lot of fun patterns. I'm not sure about the price, but I don't consider them super cheap and crappy dishes.
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    They are lighter plates like others have said, and very durable. My parents have had the same set since the early 90s. I had a set passed on to me from my sister as she got them as a wedding gift but they did not match the set she already had. I used them in college and moved them up and down the east coast twice. I passed them on to other college friends when I got married, as my DH had a set of dishes and my friends needed them.

    I would not say they feel cheap. I would say they are a good brand for something that will last a long time and many moves.
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    They don't break...unless you have a ceramic tile floor. That can shatter them. Trust me.
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    The ones we got recently ended up broken, but it was our dumb roommates that did it and honestly i don't know how it happened. My mom has had hers since at least 1975, they have the print on them to prove it.
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    They last forever. They are great every day plates in most patterns, and the nicer patterns are great for nicer settings.

    As a PP said, beware of the ones from Wal-Mart, where they are cheap to begin with. The manufacturer makes lower quality items for lower quality places. Look instead for discounted ones at places like Tuesday Morning or somewhere online. Last set I just got was from Fry's (Grocery store) they were only like $30 for a set of 4, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, and mugs. But that was heavily discounted.
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    we've gotten our plates from WM and they've never broken. Even when DD has thrown them from her highchair.
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