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Thread: For those trying to loose weight.

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    Davinci sugar free syrups(tons of flavors).

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    They're called Davinci gourmet syrups. They make them in Sugar Free(with splenda) . No calories, no fat, and no carbs. They make tons of different flavors from Chocolate, to Raspberry. you can put them in your Coffee, on top of Icecream.In desserts. I've even baked with them.I also put them In my oatmeal.

    I buy the quick oats, and put the Toffee, or Hazlenut syrup in my oatmeal, and put some cinnamon and craisens in it,and it's so good. I use to go to a message board that was a weight watcher message board,and everyone on that message board used these syrups.

    My favorite flavors are English Toffee, Caramel, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, French Vanilla.

    They have 51 different flavors.

    They do have a Classic Syrup,and an All Natural Sryup. but they have calories. and fat.
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