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Thread: Hoover Floor Mate?

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    Hoover Floor Mate?

    Do any of you have one? Dh and I are contimplating buying one! My friend says that hers is the greatest thing!! I really want one!

    What do you think?
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    My Best Friend has one, and I have a carpet shampooer. We trade off. I really like it. It comes very in handy. When I don't borrow it I clean on my hands and knees. I much prefer using the floor mate!

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    I have one. I really like it. But you have a linoleum with a porous surface, it won't get into all the nooks and crannies because it won't scrub hard/low enough. So I have to bring out the regular mop sometimes and give my floor a good scrubbing. DH doesn't like it-he says it takes too long. But overall, I like it a lot.
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    My favorite thing about it is the fact that it sucks up all the water so the floor is virtually dry or pretty darn close versus using a mop and bucket where it takes forever to dry.

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