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Thread: Blog entry from today.

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    Blog entry from today.

    I love this house.

    I LOVE this house.

    My dishes are done - my husband did the dishes.

    This is new.

    I don't know who I expect to impress. I write out a blog of all these times when I clean. I write with elation about how I do laundry, mop, sweep (and soon to come, clean toilets!)

    I wonder if I'm a bad wife. Like I shouldn't be proud of myself that I've cleaned, because it's what a wife is expected to do. I shouldn't be proud of what I've done, I should have done more.

    Always more.

    Yet, I've made significant progress. I'm proud of myself. I've become a cleaner, someone who cares about how their home looks. (And I actually did clean the toilet today, for no reason at all! down on my knees and scrubbed! It's the whitest toilet I never had a reason to clean!!) I've become someone who does laundry, rather than let it build up for years upon years. I've become someone who not only cleans and does laundry, but works 32 hours, manages finances, and saves money. I've become someone who not only loses weight, but copes well with plateaus, bloating, and minor weight gain. I've become a goal setter. I've become more efficient in my job. I take insults and, at least outwardly, let them roll off of my shoulders.

    I can't help wondering what I'm proud of, though. Other people have done more.

    On the other hand, I really am proud of that toilet.
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    I you Kiwi, and I do understand what you are saying

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