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Thread: decorating advice

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    decorating advice

    i need some color help.

    my dining room & living room are all open, side by side, no way to divide.

    there are 2 windows in the dining room & i'm putting navy blue curtains on them to match my dinnerware. my dining room table, buffet table, & storage cabinent/closet are in the room. they're all white, plus the walls are white, so it needs color in a bad way. i'm gonna get a navy blue tablecloth too & probably some kinda runner for the buffet table (what color should it be?).

    right beside the dining room area is my living room area. i have a darker wood framed futon with a burgundy mattress. i want to get a cover for it...i kinda like it as burgundy, so can i stay that color or should i match what's in dining room since it's right there. also, i want to get a rug to help define the living room space & coordinate it with the futon color.

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    Keep the futon burgundy and get blue accent pillows or a print that picks up the colors from the dining room and kitchen.

    Or leave it burgundy and put a burgundy colored vase in the dining room.

    For a rug, I would go a plain sisal rug.

    To carry a color from one room to another, you don't need a lot of pieces, you can do it with a vase, pillows, napkins, placemats, a painting or a afghan.

    I would do at least 2-3 items to tie the rooms together.
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    You could also paint a burgandy border in your dining room and get accent curtains that are burgandy.. The navy accent pillows are a good idea... plus add white ones to tie in the white decor from the dining room into the living room
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    I think burgundy and navy go well together. Like it's been said I'd get some art in both colors to pull the rooms together.
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    Instead of getting specific wall art pieces in those colors you might think of picking up some black and white prints that you like, and then getting mattes for them in navy blue and burgundy. That way if you get images you really love, later on if you move or decide to change your color scheme you won't have artwork that doesn't go, you can just change out the mattes. IKEA has TONS of awesome black and white images.

    Also, you could get some fabric you like and stretch it over a canvas frame. That is a relatively inexpensive way to add color to a room as well. (IKEA also has fabric, haha, can you tell I'm way jealous that you live so close to one?)

    Other than that I agree with getting some pillows, vases, candle holders, etc. in those two colors to bring the two spaces together.

    For a rug I think I would try and find something neutral, but maybe that has a pattern to add interest. Again, this goes back to using it again later on if you change decor.
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    go with different colors it will help to divide the space an make them feel seperate

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