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Thread: water spots out of micro fiber?

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    water spots out of micro fiber?

    i just realized the other day that where gwen lays on the couch, there's a bunch of water spots. they get there from her licking at her legs and feet and she gets the couch wet too.

    so i guess it's not water spots i need help removing...more like dog spit. ick.

    any ideas how i can get it out?

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    On mine I just get a bowl of warm water with a little bit of dish soap and a wash rag and just wipe the whole thing down. The rag is not drenched just wet and I wipe it in circles.
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    Suede cleaner?
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    little soap and water then dry it with a hair dryer right away or it will have water marks.
    I have black micro fiber and hate it now, everything sticks to it, so i had to resort with putting a sheet over it, ugh!

    Loves her Beautiful Wifey, Liegh.

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