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Thread: Cleaning Schedule??

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    Question Cleaning Schedule??

    So, since we are FINALLY in our own place I am trying to get into the swing of things with taking care of the house and the baby and the pets. We have a 5.5 month old and 2 dogs, one of which is a lab who drips hair. Do you guys have a cleaning schedule? Like, do you clean certain rooms on certain days? I just want DH to come home to a somewhat clean house... he helps me do stuff on weekends, like the trash and the yard and stuff but I need to get the rest of it under control! How do you guys do it?
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    I clean every thursday the whole house! then on sunday evenings i make the kids rooms are all cleaned up and ready for the school week.
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    I do a quick clean daily...meaning I pick everything up, the kids clean their rooms, I sweep the kitchen & bathrooms, wipe down the kitchen, etc. The laundry & mopping is done on the weekends.
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    I am OCD.. I clean everything everyday!

    I have not always been this way. It is something that started when my youngest was born since he was born so early and had complications. I became a germ-a-phobe.

    I used to do all major cleaning on Saturdays, laundry on Sundays and just touched up here and there during the week.

    Now however. . laundry is done on Wed's and Sat's. The kitchen is completely cleaned and wiped down every night. The floor is swept every night and mopped every other night. I vacuum every other day and the rooms are cleaned before the kids go to bed every night. The bathrooms are clorox wiped multiple times during the week and thoroughly cleaned on Saturdays. Every day during nap time I lysol spray all the door handles, light switches and toy boxes. Once a week I dust the floor boards, light fixtures and fans. I windex and dust every other day.

    It gets tiring after a while but my family is rarely sick and we are always ready for company so no rushing to clean up or being embarrassed if someone pops over for a surprise visit.
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    I clean everyday. I clean the bathroom every Friday. I usually have to tidy up in the morning and right before we go to bed. Mike is a slob.
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    I clean when I feel like it. Right now, it is whn I have the energy.
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    just jersey finally
    we tidy up pick up everything and dishes and wipe the counteres in the kitchen and sweep at the end of the day

    laundry is done every wednesdays
    the entire house is cleaned on thursdays
    and we do our weekly grocery shopping on fridays

    mind you we don't have any young kids in the house except for my younger brother who is 15 but is pretty neat..complete opposite of

    idk why its done like that lol but its the way its always been done...weekends are for relaxing hehe!

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    we are in va beach.
    on sundays, i have a day at home. i go from room to room (currently we are only living in a one bedroom apartment, hopefully not for long) and i start with the bathroom. i use clorox wipes in the bathroom but i put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet first, and i use tilex after showering so i don't have to clean the shower that often. i sweep and mop the floor, then i move to the kitchen.

    in the kitchen i do the dishes, use more clorox wipes, then sweep and mop. after that i dust all my wood surfaces, then i vacuum. i find if you have a pattern it goes faster.

    also i start a load of laundry before doing anything that way it's going before i start the cleaning even.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Debra View Post
    I do a quick clean daily...meaning I pick everything up, the kids clean their rooms, I sweep the kitchen & bathrooms, wipe down the kitchen, etc. The laundry & mopping is done on the weekends.
    Thats pretty much how I do it. I "tidy up" on every night. ( Dishes, sweep, etc) and then a massive clean every sunday.
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    i tidy up everyday and i do w/e laundry needs to be done everyday.. every other day i vacuum and sweep.. bathrooms are cleaned once a week
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