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Thread: Laundry Routine? Getting kids to help?

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    Laundry Routine? Getting kids to help?

    What is your laundry routine?

    I feel like since the kids are alway up to something, that i can't get a good handle on our laundry. I am honestly looking at the laundry I am doing right now, and I think Katrina must be putting ALL her clothing in the laundry!

    Also if you have little ones how did you start getting them to put their stuff away? I'd like to get Katrina to start help out more, because I'm soooo over it!
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    My 11 y/o does his own laundry and has been for about a year. I also have him switch loads for me quite often.

    ODD (7) gets her laundry to the laundry room, then I run it and she gets it from the dryer, folds it and puts it away.

    They have both at least been putting their laundry away since they were 4.
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    I started Anya and Timmy at around age 4. They had to put their clothes away and I ould just sorta supervise.

    Now Anya does the laundry herself, she has to do at least 3 loads a week, and timmy's in charge of at least 3 loads going into the dryer and coming out. Sy helps Timmy put the wet clothes in the dryer and me by putting all the socks in the blue bin. He also helps open his drawers for when I put his clothes away.

    There are times where the laundry looks everyone has pulled their clothes out on the floor and clogged up my laundry room and other days we are just absolutely perfect and on key. It's all just hit and miss in this house thanks to sports and what not.

    I've also learned that as long as I do 2 loads a day I don't feel so overwhelmed either.

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    Camryn's 4 and has been helping me sort colors for loads, and loading/adding soap to the washer for a good while now. It's a game to her to get to toss the clothes in..

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    I do two to three laods every other day. And I started making everyone of my kids put their own cloths away when they turned 4. That has helped be out so much.
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    All of my kids (except the baby ) help with laundry. We have WAY too much laundry for them to not help out some.

    I do most of the folding b/c I am very particular about how things get folded and sorted, but the kids always put everything away and hang the stuff that needs to be hung. Jaxon and Shelby also help with sorting, loading and moving things from the washer to the dryer.

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