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Thread: Anyone? - Flies Agh!

  1. MamaBekki
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    Anyone? - Flies Agh!

    Anyone know how I can get rid of flies in my house?!?

    I've tried almost everything!!!

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    House flies, or fruit flies?

    For house flies we just get out a fly swatter and start swatting. Then we make sure doors are kept shut, and keep a fly trap outside.

    Fruit flies you can mix dawn dish soap and apple cider vinegar and leave it out in a cup. They will get rid of them.
  3. Aplatel87
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    I've heard that if you hang a baggie full of water up it will get rid of them. Dont ask me how bc I dont know.

    Plus you can buy regular fly paper.
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    The flies right now are TERRIBLE! I bought two of the hanging fly things at walmart and they work great. I have one by my backdoor and one by my garbage cans and they work really well but they stink when you first hang them up
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    You must be in murphy canyon too? We have the same problem, DH swats them and we try not to open the doors or windows.
  6. LadyBrea
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    my mil and mom put up fabric softener sheets
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    I'm having the same problem and I'm in NJ! What gives!?!? I'll have to try the dawn soap/cider vinegar trick..not sure what kind of flies they are, though

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