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Thread: How often do you clean

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    Question How often do you clean

    The *outside* of your house. I was doing our windows and realized the outside of them were pretty gross. Then I started to notice dust on the siding and all sorts of other things that could use a good bath. I typically don't bother with the outside since that's DH's domain for the most part.

    Maybe it's something a yearly powerwash could handle?

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    Even if you don't have a pressure washer just using a spray nozzle and the hose works. If I'm outside watering and notice some cob webs under the eaves I just spray them down.

    Our house is u-g-l-y so until we can afford to paint it, I don't bother much because even a good cleaning won't make this place pretty!
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    If I am outside and see a mess I pick it up. I need to pick up the newspapers on our porch right now and it needs a good sweeping, but I've been preoccupied! LOL!!! Aside from that... I usually give it a good hose down when I or DH is washing the car!

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    We just moved in so haven't done a powerwash yet. I think housing should come through and powerwash once a year cause some of the houses up here are NASTY on the outside. When DH gets home we'll probably do a good powerwash
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    we've never owned so i don't power wash the outside...i would take the hose and spray off mud or grass but that's about it
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    Um never! Sometimes i sweep the pavement but other than that never the outside!!
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    I live in an apartment complex, so never, they do it for me
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    since the fires last year we power washed once after. But everytime it rains which is hardly ever, or after a good wind we get a lot of ash still (almost a year later) so we are having to wash outside a lot.
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    Dh usually goes out every Sunday and does the "outside cleaning" but the windows. He'll sweep off the porch, pick out the weeds, cut the yard, etc.

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