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Thread: House to Home

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    House to Home

    What have you done to make your house/apartment into your Home?

    I know with military families, it's hard to make anywhere feel like home, so how do you make your houses more like homes??
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    We're really sucky about bare walls. We hardly ever decorate walls, so I've been starting to do that. Along with our furniture, hanging curtains helps. Area rugs help too, and then you also preserve the floor so you have less to do when you move out.

    I like to mount shelves for vertical storage and the things I put on them make it feel like home too. Most places want you to fill in the holes, which isn't too hard.
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    we are in va beach.
    putting up our family pictures. and we have our two cats, which make it feel more like home, since they always greet us at the door.
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    Tossing around handmade quilts - over the backs of chairs, hanging on a blanket rack, etc. I'm lucky that my Mom, my MIL, and I all make quilts.
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    Pictures, our furniture, BOTH of us being there at the same time.
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    Pictures on the wall, furniture, window treatments, area rugs, little personal touches here and there.
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    Pictures, our furniture, etc. Candles help make the palce seem more homey too, esp. when you are stuck with crappy lighting
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    i hang up alllllllllll of my martini pics, pick out my fave martini glasses and fill my curio with them. put my grandma's piggy pic in my kitchen...where it always was in her house, and let my critters run rampant.
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    I put up a lot of family pictures, I have a painting that my mother did for us, the kids running around... all of their toys and their bedrooms are filled with their stuff, our comfy furniture and we always paint the walls in our favorite colors.

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    My little house on the prairie
    We are going to paint. We own our house so we can do that I have some personal nicknack things laying out and our furniture is not super fancy or designer. It makes it feel like home.
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