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Thread: Direct TV?!?

  1. Happy wife...happy life!
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    Happy wife...happy life!
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    Question Direct TV?!?

    Yay or nay?!? Please give me your reviews!!! TIA!!!
  2. Señor Member
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    I love everything about it, but i absolutely HATE living in florida with it lol. If it rains alot, or heavy clouds often, forget it. Thats the problem with satellite TV, raining is when I'd most like to use the TV because i have nothgin better to do, but the rain makes it so the satellite can't receive the signals, and it goes out.
    I'd much rather have a box than a satellite.

    be cool.
  3. Missing Him So Much!
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    Missing Him So Much!
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    No. My parents have it and the signal goes out on them all the time here in Sunny Southern California. When it goes out, it stays out for a long time. I don't know how many times we've had to call them and their customer service always sucks for us.
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    We don't have them, but I've had family members who have had it and I hated it! The signal seemed unreliable and their customer service sucked from what I remember.
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    its not bad but its not ideal either...its really the only option we had where I lived
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    I don't have it, but one of my friends has it and loves it because it's cheaper than cable here. She says though that because of the trees at her house she can't get some channels
  7. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i it I will take it over cable any day. Here because of the way the rain just drops suddenly and the sky gets really cloudy really fast we loose signal a bit more. But in whidbey the only time we lost signal was when too much snow got on the dish.

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    have it, it
  9. jessicam
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    I have Direct TV - actually not by choice, it's the only TV service my apartment complex allows.

    However, I really like it. We've had our fair share of storms here, and the satellite signal went out only once for about 30 seconds. The signal has always been clear, and you get a ton of channels for a much better price than digital cable!

    If I lived in a house though, I don't think I would stick with satellite TV. I just wouldn't want to have to deal with setting up the dish and everything.
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    I didn't like DirecTV. We switched to Dish Network and have been much, much happier! We have bad storms here all the time in the spring, and our reception goes out sometimes, but it you put a plastic bag over the dish, it really helps. It doesn't go out that often though. Dish is quite a bit cheaper than Directv, if I remember correctly.
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