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Thread: what are your favorite products?

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    Smile what are your favorite products?

    The products you love and couldnt live without?

    For me: Mr Clean Magic Eraser - They work wonders
    Shout Color Catcher- I like to do one load of laundry a day, if I waited til we had enough laundry from sorting, it would take way too long.
    Awesome-great stain remover. I wish there was a dollar tree here
    Swiffer dry pads - I am amazed at home much hair is left on the floor after I sweep.
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    Magic Erasers- especially when my two year old finds a stray sharpie!
    Murphy's Oil Soap for Furniture
    Swiffer Wet Jet
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    Definitely the Magic Eraser! I love that thing!

    ALL Free

    Downy Simple Pleasures-Waterlily and Jasmine

    Febreze plug-ins

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