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Thread: Planting Flowers

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    Planting Flowers

    Ok, so I am the worst when it comes to gardening. I've just never had a green thumb. Well we have two balconies at our place. Both have the planter thing hanging from them. Most Germans have gorgeous flowers hanging out of their windows and balconies. Ours has nothing in it now.

    First, do any of the ladies in Germany/from Germany know the name of the flowers that most people plant here? Most that I see are bright red or pink.

    If not, does anyone have any recommendations of what kind of flowers to plant? I've never lived anywhere with actual seasons, so I know I have to consider that too.

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    I couldn't tell you with any certainty what flowers thrive in Germany. I know it will depend on the climate. If it's anything like the northeastern US and they have similar availability as the nurseries here, I'd gladly recommend something.

    I'm a plant geek.

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