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Thread: our new place

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    our new place

    So dd and I have been here a few weeks and it is finally starting to look like we live here well sort of but the kitchen is so plain and boring. I just want the whole apartment to feel like ours. Painting is out I mean I could paint the cabnets but with it just being me i couldn't see anyway to get that done with dd running around the place plus DH comes home soon and I just want it to feel like home once he gets here. So I was thinking about looking into the wall decals or something like that that i can remove easily before we move. Just trying to think ahead cause as we all know with the military everything is subject to change and with the drop of a hat we could end up stationed somewhere else. Anyway I was wondering if any of you have ever used them if they are worth it? any sites or stores you can suggest where i can get some? any other suggestions.

    the contertops are like a sea foam green color, the walls are white, the cabnets are sort of a honey brown and the door on them are a gray. TIA
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    Here is a wall decal place. I bet there are others on also. If you want something specific you may be able to ask for a custom thing...

    I have never used these, but saw them a while ago and was thinking about getting some.
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    My mom sells these awesome wall decals I have a ton of them and they are great for the military family cuz they just peel off when you want to change them or move.

    It's called Uppercase Living.

    I think to look at the catalog you have to have her info..

    Her ID is 466257
    and her token is craig

    They just came out with a new catalog too!

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