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View Poll Results: How does your home 'feel' to you?

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  • Some of it's nice - other areas are a disaster

    22 22.45%
  • All around - it's cluttered

    9 9.18%
  • It's cozy and quaint

    7 7.14%
  • It's like a museum

    0 0%
  • It's very inviting

    9 9.18%
  • It's repulsive, even mice don't want to nest here

    1 1.02%
  • It's very open, spacious

    3 3.06%
  • It's nice and tidy

    18 18.37%
  • It's relaxing - put your feet up!

    23 23.47%
  • It's dated - needs and upgrade!

    1 1.02%
  • It's very modern!

    1 1.02%
  • OMG! it's the others!!

    4 4.08%
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Thread: What is the atmosphere of your home

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    What is the atmosphere of your home

    Just for fun!
    Have patience for the poll...and it's it's not - I messed up! :doh Sorry!! Shoots that fun down like a goose.
  2. ProudArmyWifeD
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    My house is ruled by a toddler.

    There is a basketball hoop in my foyer, stepstools in the kitchen, a potty seat in the bathrooms, the biggest play kitchen we could find is in the living room, along with toddler desk, three toyboxes, a toddler arm chair, etc. etc. and I could go on. LOL!

    But...if I even suspect drop in guests or if I know I'll have company I've got scented tarts burning in every room, I pick up so the house is neat, and I won't let you go away hungry! So I'd say its very inviting.
  3. Account Closed
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    My house is also ruled by a toddler. I try to keep the living room and kitchen in the best shape possible, because that's what people see the most, but my bedroom looks like our closets threw up, and Wyatt's play room (which is actually very clean right now), usually is a disaster.
  4. Account Closed
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    Nice & tidy-If its not, It drives me crazy!freakout
  5. Senior Member
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    Everyone who comes to my house says it's clean and welcoming
  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Home is where our feet land
    My house is run by a toddler and a mom who hates to clean. I try to pick up the living room and the kitchen if I'm able to but sometimes, due to pain, I can't. It looks lived in.

    I put other. Ha ha!
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  7. hurry up and wait....
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    hurry up and wait....
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    north of the border
    It's relaxing
  8. La Xicana
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    La Xicana
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    Ok I put other, LOL, BECAUSE I think my home is a mix of more than one of those things. I feel like my home is neat and tidy, modern, AND relaxing and inviting.
  9. Senior Member
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    Kings Bay
    Parts are neat and tidy, other ares I just want to close the door and pretend they don't exist! (I'm OCD so clutter overwhelms and at times makes me phyically ill)

    Well the living room, kitchen, and half bath are tidy. My laundry room is a mess (think laundry day and kids game shelf being ramsacked). My desk/office area is cluttered as I I just paid bills and all the junk for school enrollment is out. Upstairs my kids rooms are clean. Their shower is full of toys, because my YDD thinks it is impossible to shower without a bathtub full of toys. The master bed and bath are clean as well. I make my poor family crazy with my cleanliness.
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  10. Community Leader
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    Mine strives to be relaxing, and I can't totally relax unless it is tidy.

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