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Thread: Little bit Country and a little bit Contemporary

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    Giggle Little bit Country and a little bit Contemporary

    How should i go about combining the two?
    See Dh is so the country boy and loves items that have the southern charm about them... me im so the city girl and love the clean lines about things and that they make statements without the "over the top" look.

    there have been somethings that we have agreed on like the black iron dining set (second hand from family) and the black iron accents around the dining room, but i want to make our place feel like us cuz everything furniture wise is all second hand from family and nothing really goes with each other.

    my biggest surprise(kinda as an anniversary gift) that i want to give dh is a brand new bedroom set that matches our styles when he comes back from deployment... but im so lost on how to do it

    any ideas on how to please both of our tastes???
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    I love websites like or have tons and tons of pictures you can go through to find different themes. Thats where I got most of my ideas. Hope this helps some!

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