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Thread: Need ideas/help.....

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    Need ideas/help.....

    I'm wanting to put curtains up in my bedroom and i'm having the hardest time finding the right color and style..i'm looking for something simple and that will go with blue and White...the walls are white and my bed sheets are light and dark blue. Any ideas ladies??
  2. Tiffykins30
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    Are you wanting them for decorating purposes only? Are you wanting to block out light or insulate the windows to keep cut down on the electric bill?

    Is there anything that you absolutely hate, i.e. floral, lighthouses, prints?

    Are you needing full length or just long enough to cover the window, do you know the measurements of the window?

    This is where I purchase curtains from, also I bought some thermal/room darkening curtains for our master bedroom since he works nights, and sleeps during the day. I bought the thermal ones from Wal-Mart in the Ivory color, then I used 2 chocolate sheers in between to add some color. Our bedding is mainly neutrals, browns, tans, rustic reds.|28415

    You may have to copy/paste those links into your browser. . . I've bought curtains and other houseware items from these stores and have been pleased with quality, shipping, value, and customer service. I am also so super frugal and try to pinch a few pennies here and there.

    It took me 3 months to committ to curtains, and I didn't think I would ever find ones that I like, but I did and am very happy with my purchases.
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    Honestly? I used to use bedsheets. The worked just great! Either get those little clips that have a hook to go on the rod, or sew some clips in, or once I even used brass thumbtacks and just tacked them up (okay yeah, I was in college and poor, but it didn't look bad at all)!
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    I got our curtains and rods at Walmart. They're just solid and simple but they look pretty darn good, I think!

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