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Thread: Steam Cleaner

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    Thumbs Up Steam Cleaner


    Freaking AMAZING! I was kind of worried because of the one negative review it had, however there IS no 'top rubber' on it, so I think the reviewer was reviewing the wrong thing. I've had it almost a month now and it's still amazing.

    Anyway, just cleaned my bathroom in RECORD time with this little beauty, everything is shining and squeaky clean. It's great on mirrors, kitchen counters, appliances, dining table and chairs, floorboards, basically everything I've used it for so far.

    Oh and I scared the dog away with a huge billow of steam so that makes it FUN too.

    PS we also have the shark steam mop, and it is also amazing. My husband LOVES to mop just because it's 'fun' and so did my brother when he visited. Apparently guys like steam a LOT.
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    Oh sweet. I might have to get me one of those
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