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Thread: I need a new crock pot.. suggestions?

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    Question I need a new crock pot.. suggestions?

    My good ol' trusty $15 crock pot finally cracked. It's not too bad yet but I am overdue for a new one anyway. So...
    What kind of crock pot ( or slow cooker if you want to get all fancy on me ) do you have?
    How much did it cost?
    Where did you buy it?
    What size is it?
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    I bought a $20 one at the NEX and it's worked perfect for years now. Not sure what kind it is though, I think Hamilton Beach. It's an oval stainless steel one.
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    I have a Rival it has lasted many years an many moves. I use it on a weekly basis, usually.
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    I got a Rival, it's the kind with the removable dish... I like it!
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    I have this one and it works great for small things, the crock tapers down to fit into the base, so you can't cook big roasts or things in it without cutting them...:

    And this one which I LOVE! I got it marked down after Christmas and used a giftcard on it, even better.. :

    Both have removable crocks, and the versaware is usable on a stovetop, or grill as well. Never have used it for that, but it was a gift..

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    I have this one in red...

    It is an oval 5.5qt rival smart pot. I spent about $30 on it and I loooooove it. Especially because it is programmable, but not one of those where you can only choose 4 or 8 hours, but where you can program it a half hour at a time. It also has high, low, and a warm setting. When the cook time is done it automatically switches to warm to keep the food from getting cold until you turn it off.

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    If you get a crockpot, make sure you get one that has the removable inside AND the hooks to secure the lid. Less mess when you take it to potlucks and such.
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    I have a Kenmore 7qt stainless steel oval crockpot. I think it was like $45 maybe?? I got it for Christmas. I it!! It has time increments and temperature (low, medium, high) settings that you can program and when time is up it switches to a warm mode so there is not over cooking. Great for days that I am at work or out for the entire day. It also has the removable dish. I highly recommend this one.
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    Thanks for all of the info! I'm going to go over the the exchange in a little while and check out their selection
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    I've had quite a few - all shapes and sizes - and al work very well EXCEPT for any kind that has a good portion of the pot that extends out over the top of the heater-caddy.

    I've had 4 of that style and they ALL had a very short timeline before they cracked.
    One of them was actually a deluxe high-end model that someone gave me. It had the same inevitable demise - so it's not just walmart shelf items like I thought for a while.

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