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Thread: Tell me about your cookware, looking to buy new ones

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    UPDATE: Tell me about your cookware, looking to buy new ones

    Ok, so it's time for me to throw away my simply Calphalon cookware, the kids learned to cook with and it's shot.

    After researching and reading reviews I had my heart set on on a combination of Viking and ALL-CLAD copper core, I tried buying some pieces on Ebay and for the life of my i cannot get myself to plunk down $100.00 plus, for a fry pan.

    I am now looking at Calphalon Contemporary Stainless, It's rated #1 by Cooks illustrated and it's nearly identical to ALL-CLAD Stainless. I could probably get a 10 pc set for 350.00 on Ebay and I also want to get some Le Creuset or Staub pieces, Staub is supposed to chip less than Le Creuset, but Le Creuset has more pieces and it's prettier (stupid, I know).

    I am also getting some Lodge cast Iron and a couple of cheap non stick skillet, I try not to use anything with teflon cause of the birds
    But there are so many other brands I know I have not thought about...

    Help me please, I had a dream that DH and I went shopping for cookware during R&R, That's the last thing I have in mind for those 2 weeks.

    so what's your favorite cookware and why do you think I should consider it?[B]


    Well so far I got these
    10 pc Calphalon Contemporary Stainless set
    ALL-CLAD 12 qt Stockpot with pasta and steamer inserts
    1 Lodge cast iron pre-seasoned 12 inch griddle
    1 Lodge cast iron pre-seasoned grill pan
    1 Lodge 6 qt enemeled cast iron dutch oven
    1 Lodge 3 qt cast iron dutch oven

    I am also watching a pot rack on Ebay.

    For next payday
    1 Lodge grill/griddle and grill press
    1 Lodge 5 qt dutch oven

    And eventually
    some bakeware by Staub or Le Creuset

    By the way those of you that like Le Creuset but find it too expensive like me, check out Lodge's ename cast iron cookware, it has great reviews on Amazon and it's pretty like LE.

    Am I missing anything?
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    we dont have our cookware yet but we are saving for williams-sonoma all-clad cookware.
    its expensive but it last forever and we both really like it;5Ftype=lnav
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    My mom is a chef and this is all the stuff she has...she says its amazing so it must be?
    She has all the cast iron stuff, click on shopping on the top link and it shows where you can buy it. Expensive but she swears by it and says it will last forever so...
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    Good choices all around. I have pieces from all clad stainless, varoius cast iron, and for non-stick, 2 circulon pans. I love the circulan. They were pretty inexpensive (under 25 each) and have lasted me years. I also never use metal utensals in any of my pans. makes them last longer.
    And marshalls has greatdiscounted pieces.
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    What I really want is Le Crueset, the enamal covered cast iron pots and pans. Currently I have a couple T-Fal nonstick pans and an Al Clad set from the NEX I think the celebrity name on those is Jamie Oliver, but Rachael Ray's look nice and I love the orange handles on those.
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    I have the Racheal Ray cookware set and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! It was about $140 for three pans and 2 sauce pans, and you can buy the individual pans also.
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    I have racheal rays cookware which I love
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    I have a Circulon set. Love it! Nothing sticks, and things cook evenly.

    My little Loves!
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    We have this set. I really like it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by guynavywife View Post
    I also never use metal utensals in any of my pans. makes them last longer.
    Ditto. I never use any metal in my pans. Helps them to last longer and stay nice!
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