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Thread: Burnt Popcorn

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    Burnt Popcorn

    Last night I burnt the microwave popcorn, it stunk up my entire house. So much smoke was coming out that I just threw it on the patio outside to let it cool off. It must have been bad because last night while we were sleeping an animal scavenged through it and even he didn't eat it! This morning I woke up to a big mess of black, burned popcorn all over the backyard. Even the birds would land and turn their beaks the other way and fly off LOL!
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    - not even the birds would eat it!? Too funny!!
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    icky, i hate that smell.
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    you can't get rid of that freaking smell either!! you might just have to buy a new microwave. in 1999, a girl in the dorm i later lived in burned popcorn. You can STILL smell it to this day everytime someone uses the microwave.
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    @ the birds turning it down too
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    I had that happen to my current microwave and it took awhile to get the smell out.

    I cut up some lemons and put them in a bowl of water and boiled it until basically the water was gone.......smell wasn't gone. Then I let it sit overnight with baking soda in it.....smell still not gone.....then I let it sit overnight with newspaper in it of all things and alot of the smell disappeared. So for about a week I would boil water with lemons, clean it with baking soda and the news paper and it finally went gross!

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